Posted by: Geoffrey Meadows | May 21, 2007


I mentioned in the post below that a native clam species in Chesapeake Bay was in trouble and that a hardier non-native species was being considered in its place. The name of the native species is the eastern, American or Atlantic Oyster (or Crassostrea virginica). It’s major foes, though pollution is also implicated, are two parasites of these native oysters: MSX (Haplosporidium nelsoni), and Dermo (Perkinsus marinus). The non-native species of oyster which may one day take the place of the native species comes from Asia and is called Crassostrea ariakensis. It is more resistant to the parasites.


Here are three links – a news article (from May 2007), a page on the oysters, and a little about MSX and Dermo:

“Marylanders fight to rescue the dwindling oyster,” by Megan Hartley, Capital News Service (6/10/07)
American Oyster site –
MSX and Dermo site –


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