Posted by: Geoffrey Meadows | September 22, 2008


If the unexamined life isn’t worth living, the over-examined life isn’t worth throwing away.

Waste not, want not.  Want not, buy not.

This planet will last us a long time, if we take care of it.  Otherwise, it will just be the site of our wars.

You don’t get to heaven just thinking about yourself.

Even the stone that falls to the bottom of the ocean … displaces the whole sea.

Every time you love someone who doesn’t seem to deserve it, you’re making progress.

Having it all means that there’s nothing left for anyone else.

Too much propensity, not enough resistance.

Talent was the driving force of the twentieth century.  High prices will be the driving force of the twenty-first.

The secret is not in how bad it has to get before it gets better.  Take your time.  Things will get better.  Little by little. (It just takes a while, that’s all.)

For a nation that claims to be a leader, one of the greatest sins has got to be, doing nothing.

It’s easy to teach manners to those who already have manners in their hearts.

If we don’t have the moral will to see the truth, how are we going to have the moral will to act upon it.

There’s only one thing worse than a crazy person on meds, and that’s a crazy person who should be on meds but isn’t.

If you don’t care about the truth, what can you care about?

Speed limit 55, minimum 60.

Nice guys finish last because they’re the only ones responsible for everyone else.

Who’s more of a thief than someone who sells through fear?

How well did we know George W.?

“The highway of the upright is to depart from evil,” but have you been on any of these highways, lately.  People driving 70 miles an hour.  What’s wrong with a small path – through the woods, across a stream, or up in the hills – just you (your family) and your God?

In order to change the world you have to renounce it.  Renounce it, but do something for it.

Five minutes in heaven is worth an eternity anywhere else.

Five minutes in heaven, and we’ll be looking for something to do.

Five minutes in heaven, and we’ll realize that it’s all about being with God, anyway.  And that’s what it’s always been about.

Life is, at its best, a game played by those who know they cannot win, and so, have tried something better.

If you have to know everything (before you can start), it’s going to take you a while.

Shouldn’t prophets have a vision?

If you really, really need Him, you won’t ask.  You’ll seek and knock.

Pray to your God.  Let that be your whole legacy in prayer.

It’s not like we have “moved on” from God, but more like God, if we had stayed in the same place, would’ve moved on from us.

If someone goes so far as to save your life, try not to disappoint them.

There’s only one thing that’s worse than being killed in an accident, and that’s killing someone else in an accident.

We don’t need more and more-convincing villians; we need more ordinary people who are willing to focus on our problems long enough to produce some positive results.


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