Posted by: Geoffrey Meadows | September 13, 2009

Maxims, #2

The truth is still the best cure for an argument.

As a general rule, most people don’t sit down to a meal of salt.

Hate wins.  It wins because in order to prove that hate is false, you have to prove that love works better.  And as long as you are “proving” love, you’re having to show the hater love; so the hater is being loved; the hater wins.  Now if we could just show hate back a little, from time to time, the hater might know what it feels like.

If you want to get better you have to change.  One day of change is better than a lifetime of continuing in error.

The “truth” is really a crude kind of concept, which makes it all the more surprising that it suffices as often as it does.

If you don’t call yourself a sinner, someone else will.

If you don’t call yourself a sinner, then that’s probably exactly what you are.  And one of the worst kinds.

Someone I once knew said: “The man has the worst job of anybody.”

Question: Is it possible to mortify one’s thoughts and feelings to the point where it would make more sense not to be alive?

It’s not important who’s the greatest.  Leave that to the politicians.  What’s important is that the people who need him can find him.

A lot of the old imperialism died with Hitler.  And those who seek to follow in his footsteps (we hope) will come to a similar end.

If we could create a pervasively spiritual or ethical culture, without endorsing any particular religion or philosophy, it might benefit a lot of people.

Austerity isn’t just giving up something.  It’s a philosophical insight.  It’s seeing the invisible connections.

Austerity isn’t just giving up something.  It’s holding out for something better.

Don’t quit something which is for you a powerful good, unless you find something better.

The problem with being predisposed to seeing ghosts, is that you see ghosts everywhere, even if what you’re really seeing is a UFO.

God didn’t want us to be perfect, he wanted us to know and love him.

One of the side effects of practicing sin is that you get good at it.

You are a very lucky person to be going to heaven without ever having suffered.

A few books on Lincoln is probably just as good as a few books on Lee — and studying both sides of a war should be preferable to studying either.

Keep your life at arms length.

You do what you can when you can, so that when it comes time to do what you have to, you won’t already be late.

Some say, God will never give you more than you can handle.  I say just the opposite, that God will always give you more than you can handle.  It’s a way of drawing you closer to himself.

We all have to carry our own cross.  Just try not to carry it off a cliff.

You can’t have what somebody else has.  You can only have what you have yourself.

Murder is one of our civilization’s most basic wrongs.  If murder ceases to retain its taboo, or even becomes socially acceptable, then our civilization is in danger.  Such an outcome would fundamentally alter our society and its moral purpose and direction.  But keep in mind that while this could apply to the issue of abortion, it could also apply, not infrequently, to the issue of corporate power and negligence.

There’s nothing wrong with having enough and being content, if that’s what you have.

“Market” is an insecure word.  Someone is always trying to finagle the system.

To a conservative: You seem to care more about the millionaires than about the millions.

To a conservative: You distrust big government.  I distrust big business.  As long as we persist in this, we are still just defining ourselves by our enemies, by what we are not.  If we never define ourselves by what we are for, we can never reach an agreement.  But if we do define ourselves by what we are for, we may find that we have some things in common.

In history, the best men are the men who seek the best.

The best way to look like a good person is to become a good person.

Exit poll: I almost wish there were some  kind of exit poll that could determine how many people voted for someone, or against someone, based on a lie.


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